NZ Road
Hall of Fame

The Mobil 1 NZ Road Transport Hall of Fame began in 2012. It is the brainchild of Invercargill-based HWR directors Jocelyn and Scott O’Donnell.

Jocelyn says the Hall of Fame aims to both showcase and honour the outstanding contributions many individuals have made to the New Zealand road transport industry, while also supporting the continued safety of young Kiwis using our roads.

“This is a great opportunity to celebrate those within our industry who have contributed a significant amount of time, care and enthusiasm to forging the way for the future of road transport in New Zealand,” she says. “At the same time, it is supporting a programme that equips young New Zealanders with the skills they need to remain safe while driving.”

The Hall of Fame is now considered an industry event not to be missed, with more than 500 tickets selling out well in advance every year.

Several inductees are officially welcomed into the Hall of Fame every year at each event.

ProActive Youth Driver Education Trust

The Hall of Fame has already contributed more than $100,000 to the ProActive Youth Driver Education Trust.

The programme makes driving safer for young New Zealanders. It is free for teenagers who already hold a driver’s licence, and gives them the opportunity to take part in courses that equip them in the event something unexpected happens while they are on the road. Its courses are a combination of theory and practical, hands-on lessons. The programme is also available to corporate drivers.

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